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Building Services Overview

At Y Not Clean we offer several different cleaning options, from nightly commercial cleaning, to one time move in/out cleaning. We have base prices for some situations and others are priced on site, that's why we offer free in-person cleaning consultations to provide the best estimate for you and your situation.

For nightly cleaning, up to five days a week, the fee would be based on a level system with different fees per level. Each level is based upon the difficulty or intricacy each job requires. You may also choose to include optional services or supplies for additional fees which are listed  under the Services and Supplies tab above.

Office Building Sample Checklist
Here is an example of a checklist from a current client. This office is 6,400sqft @ Level 3 and is cleaned Sunday through Thursday, weekly. We typically clean on a Sunday-Thursday schedule so that one day a week we can clean during the day so we see your office the way you do, we may accommodate a different schedule if it better suits your needs.

1) Empty all trash and change each liner that needs it. This includes the shredder up-stairs. 2) Dust all bookshelves, desk, computers, counters,etc. 3) Thoroughly wipe down and scrub bathroom sinks, toilets, mirrors,and paper towel holders. 4) Re-stock paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. 5) Sweep then mop all tile floors. 6) Vacuum all rugs and carpeted areas where needed. 7) Wipe down kitchen sink and counter. 8) Wipe down front/back glass door. 9) Wipe down table in the conference room. 10) Sweep/ vacuum steps. 11) Remove all trash and take it to the dumpster.
1) Pick up all rugs, plants and anything else that needs to be moved for thorough sweeping. 2) Move all chairs in the conference room to vacuum under the table. 3) Check for and remove cobwebs.
1) Use a "magic eraser" to remove all black scuff marks from tile. 2) Clean out hand soap dispensers. 3) Dust picture frames. 4) Scour the kitchen sink with Soft Scrub. 5) Dust mini-blinds bi-monthly.*
As Needed
1) Use a toothbrush around the sinks and other fixtures. 2) Remove coffee stains from the kitchen counters and sinks. 3) Wipe down light switches and the areas around them. __________________________________________________________________________________