Optional Services & Supplies

Optional Supplies

            Certain supplies are included at no charge to our clients. They include glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, surface cleaner/disinfectant, stainless steel cleaner (used for paper towel holders, elevators, stoves, etc.) and other cleaners needed to get the job done. But you may choose to include other things like toilet paper, paper towels, and so much more. Here is a list of some of the supplies we supply regularly. We can add or find any supplies not listed here like pump hand soap dispenser refills, break room supplies, air fresheners and more. Supplies will be added at cost. We would charge you exactly what is picked up each month and that fee would vary each month based on use.


Roll of Paper Towels 12 Jumbo Rolls

Multi-fold Paper Towels 4,000 per case 

Dispenser Roll Paper Towels 6 per case

Center Pull Paper Towels 6 per case

Toilet Paper 30 per case

Charmin Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper 36 per case

Small Office Trash Bags 1,000 per case

Large Office Trash Bags 230 per case

Refill Hand Soap

Clorox Toilet Drop-ins 6 per box

Urinal Screens 12 per box

Optional Services

        Optional service offered can be customized to your situation. Here are some of the options available. If there are any fees associated with optional services they would be assessed per situation. If there is something not listed we will do our best to get it done for you.

Washing Out Trash Cans   Water Live Plants    Cleaning Display Cases 

Dust Blinds   Dust Artificial Plants     Clean Garbage Disposal     Recycling*


         At Y Not Clean we try to lessen our carbon foot print that is why we automatically recycle all aluminum cans. We also recycle other recyclable materials upon request, at no charge to our clients. We are currently able to recycle paper, plastic, tin cans, printer cartridges, etc.